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Hangfire.Annotations Namespace
The Hangfire.Annotations namespace contains attributes that enable additional code inspections in design time with JetBrains ReSharper.
Public classCode exampleBaseTypeRequiredAttribute
When applied to a target attribute, specifies a requirement for any type marked with the target attribute to implement or inherit specific type or types.
Public classCode exampleCanBeNullAttribute
Indicates that the value of the marked element could be null sometimes, so the check for null is necessary before its usage
Public classCode exampleCannotApplyEqualityOperatorAttribute
Indicates that the value of the marked type (or its derivatives) cannot be compared using '==' or '!=' operators and Equals() should be used instead. However, using '==' or '!=' for comparison with null is always permitted.
Public classContractAnnotationAttribute
Describes dependency between method input and output
Public classHtmlAttributeValueAttribute
Public classHtmlElementAttributesAttribute
Public classInstantHandleAttribute
Tells code analysis engine if the parameter is completely handled when the invoked method is on stack. If the parameter is a delegate, indicates that delegate is executed while the method is executed. If the parameter is an enumerable, indicates that it is enumerated while the method is executed
Public classCode exampleInvokerParameterNameAttribute
Indicates that the function argument should be string literal and match one of the parameters of the caller function. For example, ReSharper annotates the parameter of ArgumentNullException
Public classCode exampleLocalizationRequiredAttribute
Indicates that marked element should be localized or not
Public classMeansImplicitUseAttribute
Should be used on attributes and causes ReSharper to not mark symbols marked with such attributes as unused (as well as by other usage inspections)
Public classCode exampleNotifyPropertyChangedInvocatorAttribute
Indicates that the method is contained in a type that implements INotifyPropertyChanged interface and this method is used to notify that some property value changed
Public classCode exampleNotNullAttribute
Indicates that the value of the marked element could never be null
Public classPublicAPIAttribute
This attribute is intended to mark publicly available API which should not be removed and so is treated as used
Public classCode examplePureAttribute
Indicates that a method does not make any observable state changes. The same as System.Diagnostics.Contracts.PureAttribute
Public classCode exampleStringFormatMethodAttribute
Indicates that the marked method builds string by format pattern and (optional) arguments. Parameter, which contains format string, should be given in constructor. The format string should be in Format(IFormatProvider, String, Object)-like form
Public classUsedImplicitlyAttribute
Indicates that the marked symbol is used implicitly (e.g. via reflection, in external library), so this symbol will not be marked as unused (as well as by other usage inspections)
Public enumerationImplicitUseKindFlags
Public enumerationImplicitUseTargetFlags
Specify what is considered used implicitly when marked with MeansImplicitUseAttribute or UsedImplicitlyAttribute
To enable annotations, open ReSharper options → Code Inspections → Code Annotations and add the Hangfire.Annotations namespace to the corresponding list.