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Hangfire Namespaces
The Hangfire namespace contains high-level types for configuring, creating and processing background jobs, such as GlobalConfiguration, BackgroundJob and BackgroundJobServer.
The Hangfire.Annotations namespace contains attributes that enable additional code inspections in design time with JetBrains ReSharper.
The Hangfire.Client namespace contains types that allow you to customize the background job creation pipeline using the IClientFilter, or define your own creation process by implementing the IBackgroundJobFactory interface.
The Hangfire.Common namespace provides base types for background job filters, such as JobFilterAttribute, and some helper classes.
The Hangfire.Dashboard namespaces contain types that allow you to restrict an access to the Dashboard UI by implementing the IAuthorizationFilter interface, as well as customize it by adding new pages, menu items, metrics, routes.
The Hangfire.Logging namespaces contain types that allow you to integrate Hangfire's logging with your projects as well as use it to log custom messages.
The Hangfire.Server namespace contains types that are responsible for background processing. You may use them to customize your processing pipeline by implementing the IServerFilter interface or define your own continuously-running background processes by implementing the IBackgroundProcess as well as create completely custom instances of BackgroundProcessingServer.
The Hangfire.States namespace contains types that describe background job states and the transitions between them. You can implement custom IElectStateFilter or IApplyStateFilter to customize the state changing pipeline, or define your own state by implementing the IState interface.
The Hangfire.Storage namespaces contain abstract types like JobStorage, IStorageConnection and IWriteOnlyTransaction for querying and modifying the underlying background job storage. These types are also used to implement support for other persistent storages.