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Hangfire.Common Namespace
The Hangfire.Common namespace provides base types for background job filters, such as JobFilterAttribute, and some helper classes.
Public classCode exampleJob
Represents an action that can be marshalled to another process to be performed.
Public classJobFilter
Represents a metadata class that contains a reference to the implementation of one or more of the filter interfaces, the filter's order, and the filter's scope.
Public classJobFilterAttribute
Represents the base class for job filter attributes.
Public classJobFilterAttributeFilterProvider
Defines a filter provider for filter attributes.
Public classJobFilterCollection
Represents a class that contains the job filters.
Public classJobFilterProviderCollection
Represents the collection of filter providers for the application.
Public classJobFilterProviders
Provides a registration point for filters.
Public classJobHelper
Public classJobLoadException
The exception that is thrown when a job could not be loaded from the storage due to missing or incorrect information about its type or method.
Public interfaceIJobFilter
Defines members that specify the order of filters and whether multiple filters are allowed.
Public interfaceIJobFilterProvider
Provides an interface for finding filters.
Public enumerationJobFilterScope
Defines values that specify the order in which Hangfire filters run within the same filter type and filter order.