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Hangfire Namespace
The Hangfire namespace contains high-level types for configuring, creating and processing background jobs, such as GlobalConfiguration, BackgroundJob and BackgroundJobServer.
Public classCode exampleAppBuilderExtensions
Provides extension methods for the IAppBuilder interface defined in the Owin NuGet package to simplify the integration with OWIN applications.
Public classCode exampleAutomaticRetryAttribute
Represents a job filter that performs automatic retries for background jobs whose processing was failed due to an exception, with a limited number of attempts.
Public classBackgroundJob
Provides static methods for creating fire-and-forget, delayed jobs and continuations as well as re-queue and delete existing background jobs.
Public classBackgroundJobClient
Provides methods for creating all the types of background jobs and changing their states. Represents a default implementation of the IBackgroundJobClient interface.
Public classBackgroundJobClientException
The exception that is thrown when an instance of the class that implements the IBackgroundJobClient interface is unable to perform an operation due to an error.
Public classBackgroundJobClientExtensions
Provides extension methods for the IBackgroundJobClient interface to simplify the creation of fire-and-forget jobs, delayed jobs, continuations and other background jobs in well-known states. Also allows to re-queue and delete existing background jobs.
Public classBackgroundJobServer
Public classBackgroundJobServerOptions
Public classCaptureCultureAttribute
Public classContinuationsSupportAttribute
Public classCron
Helper class that provides common values for the cron expressions.
Public classDashboardOptions
Public classDisableConcurrentExecutionAttribute
Public classGlobalConfiguration
Public classGlobalConfigurationExtensions
Public classGlobalJobFilters
Represents the global filter collection.
Public classGlobalStateHandlers
Public classJobActivator
Public classJobActivatorScope
Public classJobCancellationToken
Public classJobStorage
Public classCode exampleQueueAttribute
Represents attribute, that is used to determine queue name for background jobs. It can be applied to the methods and classes. If the attribute is not applied neither to the method, nor the class, then default queue will be used.
Public classRecurringJob
Public classRecurringJobManager
Represents a recurring job manager that allows to create, update or delete recurring jobs.
Public classStatisticsHistoryAttribute
Public enumerationAttemptsExceededAction
Specifies a candidate state for a background job that will be chosen by the AutomaticRetryAttribute filter after exceeding the number of retry attempts.
Public enumerationJobContinuationOptions