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CreatingContext Class
Provides the context for the OnCreating(CreatingContext) method of the IClientFilter interface.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Hangfire.Client
Assembly: Hangfire.Core (in Hangfire.Core.dll) Version:
public class CreatingContext : CreateContext

The CreatingContext type exposes the following members.

Public methodCreatingContext
Initializes a new instance of the CreatingContext class
Public propertyCanceled
Gets or sets a value that indicates that this CreatingContext object was canceled.
Public propertyConnection (Inherited from CreateContext.)
Public propertyInitialState
Gets the initial state of the creating job. Note, that the final state of the created job could be changed after the registered instances of the IElectStateFilter class are doing their job.
(Inherited from CreateContext.)
Public propertyItems
Gets an instance of the key-value storage. You can use it to pass additional information between different client filters or just between different methods.
(Inherited from CreateContext.)
Public propertyJob (Inherited from CreateContext.)
Public propertyParameters (Inherited from CreateContext.)
Public propertyStorage (Inherited from CreateContext.)
Public methodGetJobParameterT
Gets the job parameter of the specified name if it exists. The parameter is deserialized from a JSON string value to the given type T.
Public methodSetJobParameter
Sets the job parameter of the specified name to the corresponding value. The value of the parameter is serialized to a JSON string.
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